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When it comes to decorating a space, homeowners have dozens of interior design decisions to make, such as whether they want to cover their walls with paint or wallpaper. Wallpaper is a fun and timeless choice that can transform the look of any room and help express personality and create a warm atmosphere. At Gables New York, we proudly carry a wide selection of wallpaper from top-quality designers and brands that will help you express your personality through your walls. Whether you want your walls to be pattered, textured, or solid, our friendly and talented staff can help you look at samples and choose the right wallpaper for you!

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Why Choose Wallpaper?

Choosing between types and styles of wall coverings may seem daunting, but wallpaper has countless benefits that sets it apart and makes it a time-tested favorite styles of home décor.

1. Durability. Durability is one of the most notable benefits of choosing wallpaper to cover the walls in your home. When installed properly, wallpaper can last up to 15 years, which is almost three times as long as paint is known to last. Many wallpapers are washable and can be kept in top condition for many years, making it a durable and cost-effective means of decorating your walls.

2. Hide Imperfections. By nature, wallpaper works by covering the surface of your walls. This means that the high-quality wallpaper we carry at Gables New York can stick to and hide imperfections on your walls such as bumps, scratches, or dents. Wallpaper not only livens up a space but gives walls a polished and perfect appearance too!

3. Choices, choices, choices! While paint comes in a range of colors and finishes, wallpaper has countless options in color, texture, pattern, and design! Intricate and beautiful designs can be applied to your walls without having to worry about the stress of painter’s tape, rulers, and potential mistakes.

4. Convenient application. Many people think that installation of wallpaper can difficult, but the application process can be incredibly beneficial and easy as there is no risk of splatter or spills that could cause damage to your furniture, fabric, or flooring. You will be shocked at how convenient it is to install and remove wallpaper!

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Wallpaper Styles for You

Due to the sheer number of choices, you have decisions when selecting which wallpaper to purchase. With our collection, you are guaranteed to find a style, finish, or trend that suits your personality and style preferences. Wallpaper trends change from year to year, but our team of designers can help you sift through your options and find a product that feels like it belongs in your home.

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  1. Find some Florals! Floral wallpaper, whether it is vintage or contemporary, will give any room in your home a timeless appearance. Floral wallpaper can aid in creating each room’s atmosphere, as the size of the florals in the design can help create illusions in a room, making it appear larger or cozier depending on your design goals. 
  2. Add some Texture! While textured walls were not always on trend, there are many styles of wallpaper these days that are textured, adding dimension and style to your home. Thanks to advances in printing, textured wallpaper is one way to express your style. 
  3. Incorporate Geometry! One of the most exciting aspects of wallpaper is how intricate and creative the designs can be. Many wallpapers incorporate geometric shapes and lines into their patterns and designs, giving your home a clean and orderly feel, even under an innovative print. 

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Whether you want a vibrant solid or subtle pattern, our team at Gables New York can help you narrow down your wallpaper choices to find the perfect choice for you. In addition to wallpaper, Gables New York carries Hunter Douglas window treatments, furniture, and consultation services. Contact us today to talk to a member of our team or request wallpaper samples. Gables New York proudly serves Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New York City, New York and Madison, Chatham, and Monroe County, New Jersey.

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