A Guide to Custom Shutters

guide to Hunter Douglas shutters

Your home is only as beautiful as you make it. This starts from the outside and goes throughout the entire house. A big way to make your home stand out from the others on the block is to invest in beautiful custom shutters. At Gables New York, we offer beautiful Hunter Douglas shutters that are perfect for any home. Our certified design team member would love to help you create a one of a kind look for your home. In order to get the look and style that is right for you, we want to give you a quick guide to Hunter Douglas. Please visit our showroom located in Staten Island, NY to see and interact with some of our full-sized displays. We design and install custom shutters from our customers with great pride in the surrounding area, including Brooklyn, NY and areas in New Jersey including Monroe County, Madison, and Chatham, NJ.

One great thing about Hunter Douglas shutters is that you can customize them to get the exact look you want. To make sure your plantation shutters fit perfectly on your window, our team members will get the exact measurements of each window to make sure your shutters fit perfectly. Shutters come in a variety of different materials including Heritance® hardwood shutters, NewStyle® hybrid shutters, and Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters. Each material will keep the traditional look of your custom plantation shutters while serving different functions. Heritance® hardwood shutters are made out of 100% natural wood making them very long lasting and durable. NewStyle® shutters are a hybrid style that mixes natural wood and advanced modern-day materials to still give you the beauty of plantation shutters but with a better price tag. Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters are made from a UV-resistant material making them resistant to warping, cracking, and fading. Regardless of heat or temperature, they will stay looking great, making them perfect for kitchens or bathrooms.  No matter your choice, your home will get the amount of light that you want at any time of the day.

Your custom plantation shutters are also easy to operate, making them great for anyone. Customize them with the front tilt bar, rear tilt bi-fold track, bypass track, or hinged panels to get the look and function that works best for you. One of the best features about plantation shutters is that they look beautiful without anything extra added to them. This can save you time and money in the future because you eliminate the need to buy curtains or drapes for every window in your home.

Deciding which kind of window treatments to purchase for your home can cause you to be weighed down by all the options you have available. With our quick guide to Hunter Douglas shutters, Gables wants to make your decision a lot easier. It would be our pleasure to come to your home and give you an estimate, so you will immediately be less stressed with your design process.