Why Custom Banded Shades are Great for Homes

Custom Banded Shades are Great for Homes in Staten Island, New York (NY) for Bedroom Privacy

In this article, Gables New York – with a showroom conveniently located in Staten Island, New York (NY) – is here to tell you why custom banded shades are great for homes. We proudly offer a wide selection of custom window treatments that will look amazing in any home.

When searching for the right shades for your home, it may seem like there are limited possibilities for innovation in terms of design and light control. However, Hunter Douglas offers many different creative solutions for window treatments that offer undeniable beauty, flexible light control, and all-day comfort to your home. One of the most unique designs from Hunter Douglas is the collection of Designer Banded Shades. This brilliant twist on roller shades is a perfect choice for your home in Staten Island and adds elegance, convenience, and an ideal level of shade to your home. Contact Gables New York today to learn more about why custom banded shades are great for homes.

Designer Banded Shades

Designer Banded Shades from Hunter Douglas are really two shades in one. These shades are made from bands of fabric, alternating between opaque and sheer. When you align the opaque panels, the sheer fabric diffuses light to let in natural light from outside without the harsh glare from the sun. The sheer fabric blocks UV rays, helping to keep your home comfortable while also protecting items from fading. You also get to let in some of the view from outside while enjoying privacy during the daytime. You can also make a quick adjustment to the Designer Banded Shades to alternate the panels for complete shade from the sun and nighttime privacy.

Hunter Douglas makes it easy to customize Designer Banded Shades in a way that looks ideal in any room in your home. There are many different premium fabrics you can choose, along with different colors and textures. In addition, there are three horizontal band heights available, allowing you to further control the look of your shades. If you don’t want the banded look, you can also choose an alternative geometric pattern with soft, elegant curves instead.

Advantages of Banded Shades

Banded shades have the advantage of providing soft natural light to a room while also giving you daytime privacy. This allows you to add these decorative shades to rooms where privacy and natural light are valuable. If you want to have more natural light in your bedroom while getting dressed, then installing Banded Shades will help you achieve that. Natural light is also beneficial in the bathroom when getting ready for the day since it gives stimulation and promotes wakefulness. You can also enjoy a relaxing bath in your spa while soaking in the natural light from outside as well. In any case these shades add a distinct form of beauty and flexible light control to any room in your home while giving you the peace of mind of privacy during the day.

At Gables New York, we want to help you find the best shades for your home that add beauty to your windows while giving you flexibility, which is why we offer custom Banded Shades from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Staten Island, NY and offer services to the surrounding area, including Brooklyn, NY, and the following areas in New Jersey: Monroe County, Madison, and Chatham, NJ. We hope to see you in our showroom soon.