Cordless Shade Options for Homes

Cordless Shade Options for Homes in Staten Island, New York (NY) like Styles with PowerView Motorization

Having kids is a beautiful time of life to cherish and savor, but it also comes with a hefty list of responsibilities. Among those responsibilities is making your home safe while your child is young. While you may have already put child safety locks on every possible cabinet and doorknob, you may still need to address your window treatments. Many shades rely on cords to operate and while they pose little threat to adults, they can end up becoming hazards for small children. Luckily, Hunter Douglas offers plenty of options for cordless shades to make your home safer while also making operation convenient and simple. Read on to learn about some cordless shade options for homes.

SimpleLift™ and LiteRise®

Many various shade options are available with both the SimpleLift™ and LiteRise® operating systems. While these systems vary slightly, they both make it ridiculously easy to lower and raise your shades for quick adjustment. All you have to do grasp the bottom rail push up on your shades to open them and pull down on your shades to close them. Both of these cordless operating systems are very intuitive and operate with smooth precision. You will also enjoy how sleek and clean your shades look with no cords hanging down. Most importantly, you will get a deeper sense of ease knowing that your home is safe for everyone in your growing family.

PowerView® Motorization Operating System

By installing shades using the PowerView® Motorization operating system, your home can be both safe for children and more convenient than ever. After all, what could be more convenient that shades that move on their own? With motorized shades from Hunter Douglas, adjusting your home lighting will never be easier. You can precisely adjust your shades right from your mobile devices simply by downloading the PowerView® app. No need to interrupt your relaxing time in the living room because the sun suddenly peeked out from the clouds. Just pull your phone out, select the window treatment you need to adjust, and carry on.

That’s not even the full extent of how convenient this system is either. You can integrate the app with smart home systems, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and control your cordless shades with voice commands. Perhaps you don’t even want to tire out your vocal cords, no problem! Schedule your saved scene settings to take place exactly when you need them to in the app. In theory, you could simply just go about each day not even paying attention to your windows while they adjust just how you want them to.

PowerView® Motorization is inherently cordless for enhanced child safety. In addition, you won’t have to worry about any accessible electronic pieces or exposed wires. Your shades will look just as sleek as ever while they do all the work for you and help keep your home safe.

At Gables New York, we want to help make your home as safe and convenient as possible, which is why we offer cordless shades from Hunter Douglas. We are conveniently located in Staten Island and serve the surrounding area, including Brooklyn, NY, and the following areas in New Jersey: Monroe County, Madison, and Chatham, NJ. Come see us soon to see how we can enhance your home.