Choosing the Right Style of Shades for Homes

Choosing the Right Style of Shades for Homes in Staten Island, New York (NY) like Sonnette

In this article, Gables New York – with a showroom conveniently located in Staten Island, New York (NY) – is here to help you with choosing the right style of shades for homes in Staten Island, NY. We proudly carry a beautiful selection of custom shades from Hunter Douglas.

For Staten Island homes, choosing the right shades isn’t just about the way they look. The function is just as important. Before you purchase new shades, consider all the things you’ll need from your window treatments, like insulation from outdoor temperatures, absorbing unwanted noise, privacy and light control. Hunter Douglas has a wide variety of options for custom window shades that look great and function exactly the way you need them to. At Gables New York, we can help with choosing the right style of shades for homes in Staten Island, NY.


Here on Staten Island, chances are you have a little more space and privacy than our neighbors in Brooklyn or Manhattan, but privacy is still an important concern. One of the best ways to ensure maximum privacy, especially at night, is by choosing custom window shades that are made from heavier, tightly woven fabrics. Choosing an operating system like the new Top Down/Bottom Up configuration, allows you to keep the shades covering the bottom half of your window to block out prying eyes, while keeping the top half of your window uncovered, letting in natural light.


When it comes to energy-efficient shades, Duette® Honeycomb Shades from Hunter Douglas have been the industry leader for decades. These shades feature a unique construction of tiny air pockets arranged in a honeycomb pattern. These air pockets trap cold air entering your home through the window and create a layer of insulation to block drafts and keep your home at a constant, comfortable temperature, increasing its energy-efficiency. Another great energy-efficient option is Sonnette™. These shades offer the energy-efficiency of a honeycomb shade with the streamlined look of a roller shade.

Unwanted Noise

If you live close to the SIRT line or your home is situated near a busy street, reducing unwanted noise at any time during the day is important. Along the same lines as privacy, the thicker and heavier the fabrics, the more noise they’ll be able to block out. A great option is roman shades. They’re easy to customize and have a wide spectrum of color, fabric and design options to complement your home decor.

Light Control

During the gray days of winter, you’ll want to be able to let in as much light and heat from the sun as possible. Conversely, if you have a bright streetlight outside your home, you’ll want the ability to block that light out at night. For bedrooms, home offices, or any rooms that need to be dark, choose a custom shade with an optional room darkening or blackout liner that allows you to keep out light pollution. For rooms that are inherently dark and would benefit from a lot of natural light, consider an option like Sonnette™ or Pirouette®, that filter and diffuse light but also maximize the light shining in.

No matter what your specific situation is, Hunter Douglas and Gables New York have the perfect solution for your home and your lifestyle. From light and sound control to privacy, energy savings and customization choices, the perfect shade can be created to meet your needs.

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