The Best Shades for the Sun

The Best Shades for the Sun Near Staten Island, New York (NY) like Silhouette® for Light

It is no mystery that the sun can get intense, especially as the seasons change to spring and summer. Luckily, Hunter Douglas has a variety of shades that are made for those harsh UVs. Read on to discover the best shades for the sun near Staten Island, NY.

For Light Filtering

If you find yourself wanting to wear sunglasses inside, then the light filtering window treatment options from Hunter Douglas are for you. 

For example, the Vignette® Modern Roman Shadeboasts multiple opacities to help you achieve the perfect amount of shade. A shade with a lighter opacity will filter harsh rays whereas those with darker opacities will reduce and even block sunlight from coming in altogether. With a clean look, Vignette® is perfect for homes that want a shade to fit right in with current décor. 

Another strong option for filtering light is Silhouette® Window Shadings. Depending on the fabric opacity of your choosing, Silhouette® can filter up to 88 percent of UV rays, which turns harsh sunlight into a soft glow. For homes that want their shades to stand out, Silhouette® gives the illusion of floating between two sheer fabrics to create a fluid, unique look.

No matter which light-filtering look is for you, Vignette® and Silhouette® shades are the best shades for the sun when it comes to transforming harsh sunlight into a beautiful glow.

For Energy Saving

If you find yourself in caught in a cycle of adjusting your thermostat and dreading the high energy bills every month, consider adding one of the Hunter Douglas energy-efficient window treatments when looking for the best shades for the sun. 

Duette® Honeycomb Shades are created with or honeycomb design that traps air in its pockets to create natural cold and warm insulation and reduce the air in your home from seeping through your windows. This will lower the number of times you adjust the thermostat and thus reduce your energy bills over time. 

For homes that like the idea of energy conservation but want an extra level of functional ease, Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades are for you. Beautiful and energy-conscious, these gorgeous shades feature the honeycomb design plus the added ease of a roller shade for convenience. 

For Total Light Control

If your home could benefit from light filtration as well as excellent privacy, then considerLuminette® Privacy Sheers.Besides looking great and offering excellent light filtration, Luminette® shades allow you to rotate the vanes 180 degrees to have complete light control and various privacy options day and night. With a vertical design, Luminette® is perfect for sunrooms, sliding glass doors, or other wide window expanses. Another perk? Luminette® is available in a variety of colors to help you create a truly unique look.

For homes that desire complete control of light and privacy with the added benefit of view-throughs, Pirouette® Window Shadingsprovide multiple levels of light control, filter out dangerous UV rays, and won’t detractfrom your outdoor views. 


The sun is an intense being. However, proper shades will make glare, hot homes, and UV rays a thing of the past. To learn more about the best shades for the sun, contact or visit Gables New York today!

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